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From the Arts in NZ Curric pp 54-55

The strands:

   PK - Students explore and respond to the elements (beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, tone and colour,) and expressive qualities of music through such activities as listening, moving, singing and playing…
…students investigate ways of creating sounds, using conventional and unconventional sound sources.

   DI - Students draw on their experience and perspectives to develop and refine musical ideas. They develop an awareness of different sounds and the potential of sound for resourcing and generating ideas and for communicating feelings. They use aural skills, imagination, and a developing knowledge of structural devices, musical instruments, technologies, and the elements of music to improvise, compose and notate music with increasing sophistication and refinement.

   CI - Students develop fluency, musicianship, and technical control as they rehearse and present individual and group performances. They play and sing individually and in groups, using appropriate techniques and performance practices. They reflect on and evaluate their own performance and make critical judgements about the interpretation of music in others’ performances.

   Students prepare, rehearse, refine, present, and direct musical works…they explore how technologies contribute to performance, and they record their own and others’ performances.

P60 - Rehearse a musical work for an ensemble, focussing on cooperation and listening for balance and intonation. Refine the interpretation by considering such criteria as clarity, fluency, musical effect and style. Present the performance and evaluate its effectiveness.

P61 - Students will use musical elements, structural devices, instruments, and technologies to improvise, arrange, and compose music for specific purposes.

  Students will prepare rehearse, present, record, and evaluate individual and group performances of contrasting pieces, in keeping with the composers intentions and in style.
…compose and notate an original piece of music that shows the performance capabilities of a specified instrument. Present and record the piece and evaluate its effectiveness.

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